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    • Montessori Education

      MMC has provided quality Montessori education for 34 years. Montessori education is a time-tested, child-centered method for fostering confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners.

    • Early Admissions

      Minimum age for the MMC Kindergarten program is 4 years, 9months. Completion of the MMC Kindergarten allows for early entry into first grade for some school districts. *Please check your public school’s policy for admission.

      If your child does not meet the MMC minimum age requirement, earlier admission may be granted to use the MMC Kindergarten curriculum as a pre-kindergarten program.

    • Caring Teachers

      MMC staff are college-degreed and certified in the level they teach, with a combined 35+ years in a Montessori classroom.

    Our mission at Montessori Moppet Centre is to help each child develop physically, socially, emotionally and academically to their full potential while promoting respect, courtesy and human decency.

    • This is a wonderful school, focused on your child. My daughter is completing her third year at Moppet and I am impressed again and again at the kind of work she has completed and the attention from teachers. […] Wish I had known about this school when my other children were smaller.

      a parent via greatschools.org
    • Both of my daughters attended Moppet and thrived there. The teachers have been with the school for years, and they are extremely skilled at directing the children to learn new material while maintaining a warm, positive environment. Their academic and social development has been simply amazing at this school.

      a parent via greatschools.org
    • My daughter flourished in this environment. The staff is dedicated, professional and you get a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling. She loved doing big girl work and was naturally drawn to the materials.

      a parent via greatschools.org
    • My daughter attended a preschool class and had a wonderful experience! The faculty provided a warm, nurturing environment in which my daughter flourished! Complete with a naturalistic, hands on curriculum, this school provided a friendly child-driven environment that I would recommend!

      Avery H. via Google
    • As a former educator, I was very impressed with the professionalism and warmth I felt from this school. My son was in their pre-kindergarten program and excelled under their guidance. MMC has a dedicated staff with a “warm and fuzzy” feel.

      Barbara Jean via DexKnows
  • Designed Environment & Materials

    The MMC environment is thoughtfully prepared with a variety of specially-designed Montessori materials that invite exploration and hands-on learning. We pride ourselves in creating a safe and empowering environment in which students find joy in learning.

    Individualized Instruction

    Each child learns and develops at his/her own pace through the use of materials and lessons introduced by MMC’s trained staff. The integrated curriculum is introduced sequentially and at the developmental level of each child, allowing every child to work to capacity and at their ability level.

    Child-Directed Program

    Within the structure of the classroom and curriculum, children are encouraged to pursue their interests and make responsible choices for themselves. This opportunity results in an independent, self-motivated learner. The child’s play is a child’s work.

    Mixed Age Groups

    A 3-year age span allows for peer teaching, broad social interaction, individual differences in learning style and pace, and creates a social community of family. It provides the youngest students with a graded series of role models and the older students with peer teaching opportunities for reinforcement of learning.