Flexible Naperville Kindergarten Programs
  • State-Registered Kindergarten Program

    Accepting students at 4 years, 9 months old
  • The curriculum of our state-registered kindergarten program is implemented following the Montessori philosophy, using Montessori materials and activities. The curriculum fulfills the requirements set by the State of Illinois and prepares the child for first grade entrance*.

    • Accepting children as young as 4 years, 9 months old.
    • If your child does not meet the MMC age requirement, earlier admission may be granted to use the MMC Kindergarten curriculum as a pre-kindergarten program.
    • Completion of the MMC Kindergarten program fulfills requirements for entry into first grade.*
    • Low student-to-teacher ratio compared to public schools.
    • Daily outdoor play (indoor activities in poor weather or when temperature is 20 degrees or below).
    • Hands-on nature observations on our adjacent Naperville Park District trail.
    • Two "circle times" (whole group gatherings) in addition to the long, uninterrupted work time.
    • Field trips offered several times a year.
    • Spanish is incorporated into all of our lesson plans.
    • Staff escorts between car and school during arrivals and dismissals.
    • Monthly newsletters provide general information, calendar updates, and classroom news.
    • November and April parent/teacher conferences for all families.

    *The age requirement of the individual elementary school will determine subsequent grade placement.

  • Schedule Observation
  • Sessions & Tuition

    • AM Kindergarten

      State-registered, traditional morning kindergarten program that prepares children for first-grade entrance.

      • Days: M-F
      • Hours: 8:30 - 11:30
    • Extended Day Kindergarten

      The MMC extended day program includes additional work time in a small group environment with cooperative play. Perfect preparation for transition to a public school environment.

      • Days: M-F
      • Hours: 8:30 - 2:00
    Download Extended Day Overview
  • Download Our Registration Form

    Includes additional tuition, registration, and application information